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Лесная красавица ! Все мои мечты !

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Добавь пожелание - сделай елочку ВЫШЕ и КРАСИВЕЕ - душе ТЕПЛЕЕ!
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[2016-05-14 08:14:24] 9zgbxoJhELU написал(а):
Separate GPS makes this a no-go for me. Especially since the form isn’t something that I would want to wear on a daily basis as an every day watch (the only reason I could come up with for why a separate GPS would be ac.eItablec)pn response to Stan’s comment about trusting a small start up over the industry giants… Well, he obviously doesn’t have small wrists. The fact that there aren’t already women-specific GPS units is an indicator to me that someone needs to come in an offer some competition or else we will continue to wear units that bruise our wrist bones (a problem I also have).

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